What does your eyes, ears, nose & lips have in common?

Your eyes, ears, nose & lips are called sensory organs because they have a job assigned to them to communicate to the brain. They give signals of pleasure or danger. If they stop working; by choice or by accident; the brain will not receive the signals necessary to support you in everyday life. When this happens, we have to find a way to compensate or make an adjustment.

What if you were created to be a sensory organ for constructing bridges and you decided not to; how will that affect society? You may say that the world cannot depend on you; what if you or your loved one needed that bridge; what will you say then? What if you were created to help build transportation to another planet? What if you were created to find the root cause of cancer? We can go on and on without answering but we know the effects of these items not coming into existence.

Are you fulfilling the reason you were created? It's not too late!!!


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