Music! What Am I Listening To?

What kind of music do you listen to? What do the lyrics say? Do the lyrics agree with your beliefs? Let’s look at another angle -- does the music you listen to fill you up with regret or with hope? Music doesn’t just give you something to listen to; it also has a way of feeding your subconscious. When you go to the spa or to get a massage, you find the same type of music that has been proven to create a relaxing atmosphere. Elevator music was designed to reduce anxiety. Cheers are for rallying and getting people excited. You find that dentist use music to calm their patients. Many businesses now play it safe by playing instrumental music. There is specific music used to announce an important person, to stimulate fear, to match a party atmosphere, etc.

Music is powerful! Don’t listen to just anything.

Be selective with what you feed your ears.


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