Relationships! Ask Yourself, Who is in My Inner Circle?

Your inner circle can include family, mentors and friends. Most people don’t stop there; they include co-workers, associates and other types of relationships. Inner circle of friends is defined as a small, intimate, and often influential group of people. To determine who should be in your inner circle, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you feel encouraged, loved or appreciated when discussing a tough issue? Or do you avoid the tough issues?

  • Do you feel accountable & safe with the person? Or are you always watching your back or being defensive?

  • Is there a future building with this person? Or is the relationship stagnant like stale water?

  • Is your relationship mutually a WIN/WIN relationship? Or is there constant competition to determine a WINNER and a LOSER.

  • Is there a servant’s attitude in your relationship? Or is there a give me, give me , give me mentality?

Who is in your inner circle?

Who has influence in your life?

Inner Circle .jpg


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