Mail, E-mails, Messages, Phone Calls ... Oh My!

How much time do you spend daily answering calls, checking or reading messages sent to you?

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

  1. Cell phone calls: 5 calls times 35 minutes equals 15 minutes

  2. Text Messages: 10 text messages times 2 minutes each equals 20 minutes

  3. Phone calls: 5 calls times 10 minutes each equals 50 minutes

  4. E-mails: 10 emails times 5 minutes each equals 50 minutes

  5. Mail: 5 minutes to pick up and sort (add 10 minutes to pay bills)

This can total 2.5 hours out of your day. I know you think that is a lot but what happens is that our brain process changes with each task. As we move from E-mail to Text then back to E-mail and so on; our brain has to transition and adjust to each task. There isn’t much you can do about how much you get, but you can be proactive with the time that you use to apply to these items.

Of course, I’m not saying ignore and time sensitive responses. DON’T neglect the requirements of your job or responsibilities to your family!!!

You can try what we commonly call the hierarchy for communications.

  1. Cell phone calls: urgent response

  2. Text Messages: high response needed=as soon as possible

  3. Phone calls: medium response=if available, you may have to return calls from messages

  4. E-mails: low response=designate 4 times a day to response to messages; i.e. when you begin your work day, before lunch, after lunch and before getting off work.

  5. Mail: general response=invites, cards, etc. Trash unwanted mail as soon as you get it

Try setting up a system to help you with time management and to assist you with completing tasks and/or assignments.


#action #organization

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