What Will People Say!

Have you ever thought about what people will say about you when you’re not around? I know that we should not be moved to be what others want us to be, but what about being moved to be what we want to become. There are some good observations that can come out of healthy relationships that will help us become the person we were born to be.

She was smart, always helping others and a gorgeous woman. He was courteous, a gentleman and a great attentive father.


She was unpredictable, vain, a workaholic and didn’t know her family. He was selfish, mean spirited, had a violent temper and was so dominating that no one wanted to be around him.

I had to do an essay many years ago stating what I thought people would say about me at my services after I die. Then, I was told to ask 3 people that were close to me; to write down what they would say at my services. I was so shocked that their statements didn’t even come close to mine’s. Try this exercise and see what results you come up with. Then ask 3 people what they would say. Save the results to compare later after making some adjustments (if needed).

In my Psychology 101 class, my instructor said that it is proven that people are 3 dimensional. He went on to explain that people are:

  • who they want you to think they are

  • who people think they are

  • who they really are

Let me explain!

  • I want you to think that I am sweet and understanding

  • You think I’m manipulative so that people think that I am sweet and understanding

  • The truth is that I’ve been hurt so much that I’m confused about my identity

In order for us to share the real person inside ... we have to realize who that person is. The best discovery is self-discovery. Then you can set things in motion to match the real you up with your life goals. Try selecting and putting your heart into accomplishing one thing about yourself and then go ask 3 people different people what would they say.


#selftalk #healthyrelationships

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