I Don't Have Anyone!

Do you often hear people say “nobody likes me”? Or, “I’m all alone”? Have you heard someone say “I don’t have anyone”?

Self-talk can be uplifting or condemning; it depends on you. Our words have so much power that sometimes it makes the situation you’re talking about become a reality.

Here are a few keys from you can look at and speak about in a positive manner to help lift you.

  • Look at the thoughts to determine if there is any FACTS

  • Find your strengths and focus on using them

  • Express gratitude

  • Find three good things each day

  • Look for the good in those around you

  • Volunteer your time, energy and skills

  • Do kind things for others

  • Set goals and create a plan to make them happen

  • Have a plan for unforeseen tough times

  • Balancing the mind, body and spirit is essential in obtaining & keeping a healthy lifestyle

  • Take action on your thoughts. A few options are: trash, file, handle it, celebrate it or delegate it.

  • PLEASE get help if you are struggling


#family #selftalk #goals #action

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